What is PT&A?

PT&A is a training and coaching service specializing in supporting administrators and their parenting professional teams

In operation since 2006, PT&A has served over 20 agencies including the Child Development Center of Roswell, Atlanta Public Schools, the Drake House, Gate City Day Nursery,  and the  Salvation Army. Partnering with these agencies we have served over 10,000 parents.

Our goal is to help educators develop their parent and family engagement programs through helping administartors and their teams develop strong skills in the Parent Education Competencies, especially in the area of Parent Education Practices and Skill Development.

We support administrators as they hone their skills in program development, design and evaluation, staff supervision, policy understanding development and management, communication and marketing, communication and referrals with other organizations and funding and budget management. 

We simultaneously train and coach their teams in  the areas of  the Parent Education Competencies which include knowledge of: hhuman development across the lifespan, Parent Development, Parenting, Parent-Child and Family Relationships and other systems, parent education practices and skill development in all of these areas.

Our Services

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1:1 Coaching

There are times when you want to keep information about your children and your family private. I want to give you the chance to talk openly knowing there is going  to be no judgement. Let me help you process through your thoughts and help you come up with strategies you can use to make your relationship better. Schedule your call today!

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Group Coaching

I get private coaching is expensive and you may not want to pay that fee. Group coaching allows you to sharethe cost of a sessionor a series of sessions. You can get a group of fiiends, your PTA/PTO or sports team parents to share  the cost of a session or you can wait for Barb to gather an independent group.  Call Barb and talk over the details.

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Nonprofit/Church Groups

The newest and fastest growing ministry on the plant is Parent Ministry. A lot has been created over the years.  Barb wanted the PT&A Program to be different.

What makes our program different is we believe every parent is an expert on their own family. So. our goal is not to 'instruct' on how to parent. Rather we want to help adults to look at a variety of roles, relationships and tools they can use to improove their relationships with themselves and their kids. 

In addition, our program involves individual, partner, small group and whhole group activities that help participants engage in a variety of adult learning activities. Her laid back style and interactive program will have you asking her back againand again.

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Small and Medium Sized Women-Led Businesses

Creating family-freindly work communities does not happen by accident. Women tend to be more focused on their employees not just as workers but as people. This is a principle we have been discussing in business since Napeolean Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich in 1937. Yet, this is still not prevalent in business today. P&A wants to help female-led companies follow in the footsteps of companies like Chick-fil-A and Starbucks which do great jobs in caring for their employees and the bottom line.

Employee Retention through Familiy-Friendly Policies Kit Coming Soon

Train the Trainer

I am only one person and I can not change the wold on my own. The United Nations said in 2011 what the world needs most when it comes to parenting is positive disciplin focused programs.

Our program is based on seven theories from education, psychology, and social services. It has been designed not to teach techniques butrather to give parent the chance to think about, process and decide what will work best for their relationship with each individual chils and 

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Sometimes all you need are materials. We have three training kits to choose from.

Defining Values/Achieving Goals
Parenting is a relationship between an adult and child. The main responsibility fall onto the shoulders of the adult. A large component of making this work is for the adult to be introspective and authentic. This class helps parent to begin the lielong process of creating and maintaining the process of authenticity.

Child Development
Children develop in six areas: intellectual, physical, social, emotional, language, moral and sexual. This course explorses the six areas of development and what parent need to know to navigate the process. We also talk about the shits parents need to mae as thir children grow.

Parenting and Mentoring Teens
According to the Search Insitute the most digficult tiome of the parent child relationship is berwwn 10-15.

This age requires several parent shifts and pivots. This course is designed to help parents consider the process of mentoring their teen into adulthood.

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