What is PT&A?

Parents, Teachers, and Advocates is a parent development group.

Parenting is a verb that describes the trelationship between parent and child.

It is funny when people say they are an expert on a topic they mean they have spent , or more hours studying a particular topic. However, many experts can become so focused on the mechanics of a subject they forget the heart of it. So, yes based on the definition I can say that U an ab exoert ib oarebtubg, Yet, I also know that at the heart of it parenting is a relationship that only exist between two people a child and the adult charged with helping them to become the best adult they can be. PT&A is a development group dedicated to coaching supporting, and empowering adults to build strong, deeply connected lifelong relationships with their children. Would you like to know more? Read our article Parenting Effectively.

Parenting Effectively

Let's Talk Parenting

PT&A serves adults in becoming more for themselves/ So, they can be more for their children..

Being true to yourself and what you believe is the definition of authenticity. However, we know that is a hard thing to drill down. Here at PT&A our definition is a little more precise. Authenticity is the living of your life where your beliefs, thoughts, fellings, sayings,, and actions are all aligned and in sync
Work-Life Balance
 Work-Life Balance is an important aspect of every person's ability to be effective. PT&A has a priority on work-life balance. This process is individual and each adult needs to craft this balance for themselves. It is this balance that helps parents set an example for childen to follow. Because childen live 85% of what they see their parents live.

Work-Life Balance Kit

Nonprofit Organizations Parent Education Needs

As a nonprofit PT&A recognizes that it is difficult for organizations to do everything. We have spent the first 13 years of our existence seving other nonprofits parent education and coaching services.

As we move forward is goal is to create a Train the Trainer Program. Using our curriculum we have an 81% success rate with families from every social economic status, race, religion,married, single. Working with our nonprofit partners we have served over 10,000 adults. You can see our stats in the link below.

Paent Education Effectiveness Profile

Church--Parent Ministry Creation and Support
Believe in Parenting

One of the fastest growing ministry today is family ministry also called parent ministry. The goal is to support adults in their most important role of bring up the next generation. The church is the first place people come to for help with family issues. Many churches want to provide this ministry to their ffamilies, but are not sure how to go about it. Believe in Parenting is PT&A's Church Program.  We bring our educational program into the church to work with them to  create, develop and maintain their own paent eninistry. If you would like more information about our Believe in Parenting program please click the button below.

Our Future Goal: A Parent University

Moving Families Forward many church families find that there are fragile families in theeir midst. These families have issues that cause them to be endanger of collapse, family violence, and divorce. Moving Families Forward is a program where with the support of other community agencies these families get a wide-range of support including" a jobs program, financial traing, program sessions for the whole family from young children through to grandparents. Our goal with this program is to support churches ant their suppor of the fragile families in their congregation. In order to fing out more information regarding our Moving Families Forward Program please contact us via the contact page.

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