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Buy a BookChoosing High Quality ChildCare is a bookdesigned to help pregnant parents how to choose high quality center.

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PT&A has several ways participants can volunteer. in 2020. 

Best Parenting Practices Expo coming this Spring is an event where we invite speakers, workshop hosts, nonprofits, government agencies, work-force development specialists, and others to bring their expertise to one place where adults can participate in sessions that will help them to build Strong and connected relationships with their families.

Connected Hearts: A Fundraising Gala This Fall we will host an event where folks can dress up and attend a spectacular evemt This is where we celebrate our work and our families with our larger community. We invite donors, potential donors, organizations, and other interested parties to join us in celebrating families and the connectedness we work at helping them to build. This is PT&A's primary fundraising event. We love a night for fun, food, wine and donations. 

Moving Families Forward is the initiative we are developing for the end of 2020 and throughout 2021. This initiative is a monthly comprehensive program where we and several other local organizations are coming together to bring services to everyone in the family. We bring the family in have breakfast and play a team building game in family groups. Then we breakout into age groups to share that week’s content on the appropriate level from early childhood through grandparents. After this we come back together to review, give family assignments (therapy, book reading, budgeting etc.), have lunch and then let them go.

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Our new initiative for 2020 is to bring work-life balance to the parents of Atlanta by providing lunch and learns to a variety of companies, organizations, and other business sector entities. All of us need to develop a structure to keep our lives in balance. Since, the industrial revolution most people have been struggling to balance life, work and family. Our executive director has created a four-part series to offer companies in Metro Atlanta.

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