Parents Homeschooling is just more of what
you already do with your kids!

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PT&A is a parent development group. It is our goal to support you in every area parenting might take you. Now, Covid-19 is turning almost every American parent into a homeschooling one. We are here to help however we can!

Americans have only been using public schools widely since the early/middle of the 1800's. The real growth of public schools  coincided with the industiral revolution. Public schooling in America  only about 200 years old. Though accredited with being the first public school in America the Boston Latin School started in 1635, only became  a public school around this same time.

If you are new to the concept of schooling at home. One of the best ways to start is with something you already know and understand. I reccomend cooking. Cooking is the life skill that encompasses every educational learning subject. Read the blog post below for more details and suggestions with how to get started.


One of the tools of the classroom is for a teacher to read a story, news article, or some other form of reading material and then to have a discussion about it. This is valuable no matter what grade your child is in and a great tool.

Conversation, Reading, and Education


Reading is Fundamental is the name of a organization. It is also the flat out truth. Our children need to be able to read on or above grade level. Therefore, getting your kids to read, read, read is important. One underestimated tool is reading and hearing a biij, E-books are not as helpful as something like a book being read out loud and off of paper like a book with a cd. The jury is out on why but listening and reading along helps kids learn to read better. Scholastic has several click the link below.

Scholastic Books with CDS

Looking for more Home Schooling Information and Support?

We reccp,emd two places to start your research The National Home Schollers Association. This is a clearing house for all things homeschool. It is a good resource no matter where you live in the country. Click the box below to go to their website.

The second is the Home School Leal Defense Association unfortunately states can be hostle toward parents who want to school their children at home the HSLSA offers legal counsel if needed. More importantly they know the things needed in each state to do homeschooling within legal perameter that n will hopefully keep you from ever having issues. They also do a lot of research about the effectiveness of homeschooling. You can check them out at

National Home School Association