Education Focus

It is our education focus which makes us different than any other parenting programs. What parents  os, to know more about themselves, children's development and the process of positive parenting..

Our First Class: Defining Values, Achieving Goals

We think our most innovative and important class is Defining Valures, Achieving Goals this class is what we call our self-actualization class for adults. It is an introspective look at each individual parent. A journey of self discovery we discuss authenticity, values, personality, goals, and ends with parents creating a personal mission statement to guide thier life and their parenting.

Trainging Is Available

Our goal for 2021 is to help churches, organizations, childcare centers and other parent educators to learn our program and train the parents with whom they work. Our Agency Information Guides tells you about us nd the work we do. Giving you a breaksown of the curriculum and cots of training for the various programs.

Parents, Teachers and Advocates
Parent Development Training Program

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