Work-Life Balance

PT&A's focus for 2020!

Work-life Balance the example your kids need!

The Barma Researcj Insitute released earlier this year a study exploring the lives of mellinals and Generation Y many of their findings were very encouraging. Like these two generations really care about what is happening in the world and work to make a difference. However, they also feel that there is no one in their personal livess that truly, deeply, and unconditionally love and care about them. 

I think this has to do more with their abillity to actually feel connected. Rather than the faxt that the people in their personal lives actually do not love them no matter what. So, because I ffeeel this is of great detriment.I have convinced our boar to make work-life ballance and connexcting with our kids the focus of 2020. If you would like more information check out our video!

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What is work-life balance?

If you have subscribed to our community you know that work-life balance is living a life true to yourself where what you believe, think, feel, say, and do are all aligned. There is a work-life structure. Want to know more? Check our our Living to Excell Channel on YouTube.

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