BIP Tip Read! 

We at PT&A believe effective parenting talkes lifelong lerning so here we will suggest a book a month for your consideration.

Believe in Parenting Tips

PT&A is giving you 52 tips on parenting in 2020. It is our goal to help you to think about your parenting on a weekly basis. Our tips are going to cover great books to read, self-care tips, marriage tips, co-parenting practices, building parent-child relationships, and fun family ideas, If you would like to receive our tips please sign up for them below.

Important information about books.

The books we suggest you read are because we think the information is very valuable to you.It is also valuable to us. One way PT&A raises funds is by being an amazon affliate. When you buy a book here we get a portion of the sale to futher our programming. Our executive director explains the program below.

Believe In Parenting Book 1

Read Family Pledge Book 2

Family Pledge is a great book of essays on education and parenting by former elementary principle James L. Casale, Ph, D. This series of essays can hlep parents to get a principals persepctive of school issues. It is like having James sit down with you and give you his opinion. Click above to download the book.