Parents, Teachers and Advocates
A  Nonprofit Organization

PT&A has been in business since 2007. We have served over 10.000 parents and have enjoyed partnerships with the Salvation Army, Atlanta Public Schools and Gate City Day Nursery to name a few. It is our goal to help parents to create loving, respectful and joyous relatinships with their children that last a lifetime. Below are a list of our service types. Please contact us for a free 15-minute consultation. 

Coaching 1:1
Work with Barb in a one-on-one session. 

Group Coaching 
Save money and gather with friends in a group session that allows you to support one another.

Early Childhood Centers, Non-profits, and Church Classes
Get Barb to come to your center, agency, or church and teach one or a series of parent trainings.

Small and Middle Sized Women-Led Businesses

PT&A helps female business leaders focus on creating family-friendly policies and communities for the purpose of attracting and retaining top talent in their companies.

Train the Trainer
Have Barb work with your team or a group of team members to train them to use our innovative and engaging class Defining Values Achieving Goals.

Weekly Emails
Join our mailing list and get a weekly email from Barb. (Week 1-Book of the Month, Week 2 Couple Relations, Week 3 Building the Parent Child Relationship, Week 4 Think about your Parenting Future, Week 5 Parental Self-Care )

Let's Talk Parenting our weekly podast.
Each month Barb meets with one expert for four sessions. Giving you a chance to hear their expertise in small segments. It also allows you to send in questions for the next show. Find us on Spotify, Anchor and Google Podcasts.

The Best Parenting Practices Expo
(Coming April 24, 2021 see below)
Our yearly program dedicated to giving you a chance to craft your own parenting practices training to ensure you get the information you need and make connections with experts who can support you.

We would love to give you a copy of our Effectuve Parenting Kit. It is yours when you join our mailing list. Click below.

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Join Us for the Best Parenting Practices Expo! 4-24-2021

Covid-19 has been tough on parents and families. PT&A wants to help you to renew and recharge your parenting. In addition, your ticket purchase will allow us to bring the information to parents in need. PT&A will be able to bring our services to traditional housing facilities and other agencies that serve families.

PT&A has invited seven experts to do trainings on brain development, creating a mental health tool box, being better parents to young children, dealing with stress and other topics. Join us and get ready to have some fun!

Early Bird Expo Tickets on sale NOW!