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Parents, Teachers, and Advocates is a parent development group in Atlanta, GA. We serve Fulton and Delkalb Counties. PT&A is dedicated to coaching adults to become exceptional paents. Our foucs is on coaching adults into creating better lives for themselves and using these better lives to create rich, loving, supportive, and deep relationships with their children.  We do this because we believe--
Every adult who wants to can make paraenting the #1 job they love!

Join Us for the Best Parenting Practices Expo! 10-24-2020

Covid-19 has been tough on parents and families. PT&A wants to help you to renew and recharge your parenting. In addition your ticket purchase will allow us to bring the information to parents in need. PT&A will be able to bring our services to traditonal housing facilities and other agencies that serve families.

PT&A has invited 12 experts to do trainings on brain development, creating a mental health tool box, being better parents to young children, dealing with stress and other topics. Join us and get ready for some fun.

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