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We healp aduts connect with themselves, their children and others.

PT&A helps adults to create loving, respectful and joyous relationships at home with their kids, with their customers and with their co-workers.

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Guide and Mentor Your
Teens Into Adulthood!

A 3-Week Class and 3-Week Challenge for parents of kids ages 10-15

Are you a parent looking to be proactive in dealing with your child who is coming into the teen years? Are you a parent frustrated because you have no idea what happened to your sweet kid who loved to talk and snugglea nd now they do noteven want to be inthe same room with you?  Or are you a parent who wants to be sure you are helping your teen burst on the adult scene ready to kick but and take names in their future. This class/challenge is for you!

What is involved?

During the 3-week class we will:
    ~Look at teens and their development.
    ~Discuss and delve into the differences between listeningand hearing.
    ~Examine what it means to be an Adult
   ~~Explore and devise a plan to use the 5 steps of mentoring

During the 3week Challenge we will:
     ~Talk with your Teen about the shift in parenting and prepare them for the         process of creating a Mentoring Plan
     ~Create a Mentoring Plan
    ~Invite Friends to Jointhe Mentoring Team

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